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Lady Turner
05 May 2019 @ 04:35 pm
Senza titolo-1
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Lady Turner
02 April 2019 @ 07:21 pm
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Lady Turner
03 March 2019 @ 08:23 pm
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Lady Turner
20 February 2019 @ 08:54 pm
Hi, friends!
I'm back with another set of icons! I made this set for 20muses: I'm so happy this community is finally back, their challenges are always very inspiring! For this one we had to choose inspiration between tea or coffee: I'm very fond of tea, so the choice was easy! HERE you can look to the gorgeous inspo post! Under the table you can find the themes used for each icon; hope you like this set, because I went a little experimental with some of them!

20 Keira Knightley icons for 20muses

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Lady Turner
05 February 2019 @ 05:27 pm
Hi, friends! Hope the first month of the year was good for you!
This is my first 20in20 of 2019! I'm not very pleased of how they turned out, but I have no time anymore and I have to post them. This time at monthlyinspo we had to choose our themes from a personalized bingo card. This is mine: I decided to pick all twenty themes from four different bingos and to use four different subject per row. Even if they're not my best, hope you'll like some of them anyway!

20 various icons for monthlyinspo
x5 Poldark

x5 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
x5 Orlando Bloom

x5 Emma Watson


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Lady Turner
02 February 2019 @ 02:56 am
jan 19
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Lady Turner
01 January 2019 @ 09:03 pm
2018 scrapbook
Last update: 30th December 2018
Lady Turner
30 December 2018 @ 11:59 pm
Happy Holidays you all! Hope you spent a wonderful Christmas!
This is the end of the year and so I'm posting the very last few icons of 2018! I just wanted to archive them and I hope I'll manage to make more in the upcoming year!
I wish you all an amazing 2019! See you next year! ;)

13 various icons
provided screencaps - wuthering heights 2 - wonder woman photoshoot - KK
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Lady Turner
30 November 2018 @ 09:22 pm
Hello people! I'm back with a new set of icons!
I'm so happy that I finally managed to make some 100x100 pixels! Recently I've been kind of allergic to the computer: I've used it just to watch things and now that I've finally sat down for making icons my back is ouching as hell. Sigh, I'm becoming old!
Anyway, for this round at monthlyinspo we had to be inspired by seasons: I was kinda tempted of making them all spring or autumn inspired, but I finally chose to make five icons per season and I'm quite satisfied of the result. Hopefully you'll like them as well!
To the set...!

20 female powers (various subjects) icons for monthlyinspo

four seasons fill the measure of ther yearCollapse )

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Lady Turner
04 September 2018 @ 05:03 pm
Hello September!
In this entry I'm posting all the icons that I've made since 2018 started and that I've never published in my personal journal. They were mostly made for various icontests like movieslims, tv_movie_icons, lims_movie, celeb_it, capicontest and capchallenge.
Enjoy them!

21_tangled oceanic_poldark new york - scarlet johansson
all the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enoughCollapse )
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