Lucy Pevensie

Monthlyinspo - Round 31: Box of chocolates

Hello! This is my first entry of the year!
First of all I have to say that I finally have a job! I've started it last week and it will last for a year! And the good news is that I'm working as a librarian in a public library and it's all I could ask for! I work all the day with books and this is awesome; even if the place and my chiefs aren't very nice, I'm sure this new experience will be good for me and for future jobs!
Anyway, these icons are for the new round at monthlyinspo! The inspiration post was just gorgeous and I HAD to participate! I know, they aren't very good and I still feel a bit rusty, but I have to practice to fully come back in shape! ;) Hope you like them!

10 (+2 alts) various icons for monthlyinspo

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Carina Smyth

Little update

Hello, fellows! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
I know, my last activity here and in the icon communities was maybe in May or June, but I'm still here! I had several problems that took me apart from making icons: a very very hot summer followed by the inevitable collapsing of my computer, health issues in my family, new hobbies and commitments and so on. Now I finally have a new computer, new photoshop, new everything, and even if I still have to get used to all this stuff, I'm sure I'll return creating new graphics soon! In the meantime I'm gonna post here all the icons I haven't published in this blog: I've made them mostly for communities like movieslims, celeb_it, actress_ic, itsabattlefield and tv_movie_icons, so maybe you've seen some of them around. Hope you like them!
I'm also sorry I've disappeared from your comments, but I promise I'll begin to be around again with the new year!
This will be my last post of this decade and so I'd like to wish you all the best for the new year that is coming: may it bring all that you desire and need! Happy 2020!

8 - the girl with the dragon tattoo week396 - hidden figures 56 - e - eva green
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Keira Knightley

20muses - Challenge 08: Keira Knightley

Hi, friends!
I'm back with another set of icons! I made this set for 20muses: I'm so happy this community is finally back, their challenges are always very inspiring! For this one we had to choose inspiration between tea or coffee: I'm very fond of tea, so the choice was easy! HERE you can look to the gorgeous inspo post! Under the table you can find the themes used for each icon; hope you like this set, because I went a little experimental with some of them!

20 Keira Knightley icons for 20muses

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Monthlyinspo - Round 21: Bingo

Hi, friends! Hope the first month of the year was good for you!
This is my first 20in20 of 2019! I'm not very pleased of how they turned out, but I have no time anymore and I have to post them. This time at monthlyinspo we had to choose our themes from a personalized bingo card. This is mine: I decided to pick all twenty themes from four different bingos and to use four different subject per row. Even if they're not my best, hope you'll like some of them anyway!

20 various icons for monthlyinspo
x5 Poldark

x5 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
x5 Orlando Bloom

x5 Emma Watson


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