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20muses - Challenge 01: Arwen Undómiel

Okay, so I've tried to upload these icons on Photobucket since yesterday, but the site has been under maintenance and today it is still "a little" slow. If there is one thing that can annoy me is when sites don't load fast. *rolling eyes*
Anyway, let's go to this new set! The inspirations at 20Muses were so interesting and stimulating that I've tried to give my best to turn out washed out screencaps in something more acceptable. I hope that you like them, since they're very experimental and a little out of my comfort zone. But I think it's always a good think to try new techniques and achieve new results, so I'm happy of how some of them turned out! Enjoy!

20 Arwen Undómiel (The Lord of the Rings) icons for 20muses

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

[icon talk]
1 to 3: Alonsa Guevara. For this three icons I've been inspired mostly by the vibrant colours used by this artist. I've always thought that the screencap used for 1 is a piece of art, so I tried to push out the colours, even in an unnatural way, put in some flowers (okay, I'm nearly obsessed by that neatmonster texture) and used a bit of topaz for giving to the icon a painted look. For 2 I focused more on the colors used by the artist and for 3 I've tried to underline the beauty of the character as a female, added a little more of magic with soft colours and put tiny flowers under her ear.
4 to 5: SIT. In these two icons I used grey colours, since they're a characteristic of the artist that give me the inspiration. In 4 I've tried a technique that I usually don't like and use, because scares me to death: I just don't like empty faces, they give me shivers. But as the artist suggests in his works feels of death and degeneration, I've tired to do somethin more grotesque. Since I don't like empty faces, I've put on her some butterflies, because I think that beauty can be find even in decadence. For 5 I've tried to extened the character's feature through her hair and wholly repainted them for giving to the icon a floating feeling.
6: Line Osmundsen. I've put in this icon the colours mostly used by the Norvegian artist and used a splash of colours that can be a reminder of her colour drops.
7 to 8: Louise LeBourgeois. I've been tempted to make more icon inspired by this artist, since I think he's the one that mostly represent my character: his way of capturing the essence of the sea, of the movement, of the deep blue calm, it's just near to the inner souls of the elves. So, in 7 I've captured the delicacy of the movement and in 8 the deep feels that characterize that sad moment. And obviously I used a melancholic blue to underline everything.
9 to 10: Fran Williams. Her art suggested me to show the vulnerability and emotions felt by my character. In 9 I've put the focus on her mourning silhouette and in 10 I've tried to portray the sorrow by focusing on the falling teardrop.
11 to 15: Richard Whadcock. I had to make at least five icons inspired by this artist because I just love the soft atmosphere and the charoscuro that are in his productions. In 11 I've used the same colours that I've seen in one of his paintings(?) and tried to give to the icon an overall soft look. In 12 I've used a muted tone coloring and used a very dark background for underlining the conrast between light and dark areas. For 13, 14 and 15 I focused in close crops and chiaroscuros.
16 to 20: Xue Liang. I think these are the icons that turned out better, because the artist gave me a strong inspiration. His landascapes are so beautiful that I had to reproduce something similar in my works. So in 16 I've add a fake background and in 17 I've tried to deconstruct the natural landscape of the cap for giving a reminder of the different levels that are in the paintings. In 18, 19 and 20 I've focused the attention in the natural landscapes that characterize this beautiful saga. Moreover I tried to give to all these icons a vintage look, using earthy or pastel colours.
Tags: 20in20, the lord of the rings
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