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02 July 2018 @ 08:12 pm
Monthlyinspo - Round 14: Film Noir  
Hello, dears! How is it going?
I'm realizing this is my first (icon) post of the year, though I have made several graphics for various icontests but I haven't yet posted them here: I hope I'll remember to post them asap!
This is my first entry for monthlyinspo. Man, I love this community, it's so inspiring! But I usually don't have enough time anymore to make lots of icons for communities so it's hard I can manage to do something for this beautiful and inspiring community. I really can't explain why it's so hard to make lots of icons nowadays, I used to make even 40 icons in a day and now I can manage to finish a maximum of 5 graphics per day: it's very strange!
Anyway, going back to this challenge, it was about noir inspirations, so I decided to make not only icons inspired by noir films in techniques, but I chose pictures that reminded me of this genre, like photoshoots and screencaps from noir-ish productions. I tried my best to not make them all in chiaroscuro - it's like my favourite technique EVER - and I'm aware that some of them aren't very good, but I put all my efforts here and, as I said, some of them were really rushed because time is ticking! Anyway, hope you like them and that the overall result isn't that bad!

20 (+3 alts) various icons for monthlyinspo

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20



1 - Amy Adams
2 - Beyoncé
3 - Captain America: The First Avenger
4 - Casino Royale
5 - Castle
6 (alt1) - Gangster Squad
7 - Carol
8 - The Edge of Love
9 - Inglorious Basterds
10 - Gerard Butler
11 (alt2) - Elizabeth Banks
12 - Kirsten Dunst
13 - The Edge of Love
14 (alt3) - Batman Begins
15 - Emma Watson
16 - Karen Elson
17 - Jude Law
18 - Dita Von Teese
19 - And Then There Were None
20 - L.A. Confidential
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Vanessa: love legionvanessa_lj on July 2nd, 2018 06:28 pm (UTC)
Finalmente! Non vedevo l'ora di vedere le tue opere: l'atmosfere dark si addicono molto al tuo stile, la 5 e la 7 mi fan venire i brividi, stupendo l'effetto di profondità che riesci a dare ai soggetti...
La 9, 10 11 e 12 sembrano poi locandine di film anni '20, fantastiche: in generale mi piacciono tutte, ma sono innamorata della 7 <3
Lady Turner: Charlotte Brontelady_turner on July 2nd, 2018 07:24 pm (UTC)
Sono arrivata a completarle per un soffio: le ho finite giusto oggi! :')

Grazie mille per il tuo bellissimo commento: mi fa sempre piacere leggere i tuoi pareri e sono davvero emozionata e felice che ti siano piaciute tanto! E tante grazie per aver menzionato la 7, adoro la tecnica del chiaroscuro dunque sono veramente contenta che sia la tua preferita! ♥