September 17th, 2010


4 years ago, in a country called...

This is a special day for me.
On 17th september 2006 I saw for the first time Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It was the first movie of the saga that I watched. Initially I didn't believe my cousin wiyllow that the first movie was amazing, so I followed her to the cinema a little bored. But, that day changed all my personality and I never forgot when I saw for the first time Will Turner. I think that was love at the first sight!
So I usually remember this day as my anniversary and for tradition I see this movie every 17th september (but not only in this date! XD).
P.S. Sorry for all the errors...

This is a poem (not mine) and a graphic for remember that fantastic day!!!!

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For you, I will

For you, I will lose my composure.  

For you, I won't know what to say.  

For you, I will face my most terrible fears.  

For you, I have lived ‘til this day.  


For you, I will risk my own safety.  

For you, I will put forth all haste.  

For you, I will disregard all laws and orders.  

For you, it will not be a waste.  


For you, I will sail o'er the ocean.  

For you, I will search through the night.  

For you, I will go without sleep or nutrition.  

For you, I will tirelessly fight.  


For you, I will see my own failure.  

For you, I will right what is wrong.  

For you, I will give the one thing I desire.  

For you, I will evermore long.  


For you, I will learn to let go.  

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