December 21st, 2010


So Random!

First of all, happy birthday to the wonderful sofia_gray !
Auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spero che questo giorno sia speciale per te!!!!!! ^__^
Ho creato quest'icon per te! Spero ti piaccia:

Secondly, I'm on HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a stressed day at school with a long English test about Milton and the Puritan Age, now I can peaceful sleep all the days! XD

Finally, I post a meme taken from the amazing xobritbabeox !

Favorite musical artists right now? Hans Zimmer and Coldplay

Currently reading: Blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris

Favorite color(s)? Yellow, Blue, Red, Black

Where do you live? In Sicily

Are you happy? So, so

Where do you want to be right now? In an unknown island

Current obsessions? Orlando Bloom and Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite television show? Castle and Criminal Minds

Ethnicity? Italian

How tall are you? m 1, 64

Weight? kg 48

What color are your eyes? Brown

Is your hair natural? Aye

Favorite body part? My eyes

Most complimented body part? My hair

Least favorite body part? All the rest! XD

Any piercings? I've earrings

Common misconception about you? Just the simple and anonymous girl

What do people not know about you? Lots of things

Five facts:

1. I love old times. I think when I was born I missed the period!

2. I really like how I write.

3. I'm always late!

4. In this period I can't stand school, but I can't wait for University!

5. I'd like to be an actress! *hope for her future*

What’s in your room? Only chaos.

Carpet or hardwood floors? Carpet

Queen or King? Right now I have a single bed, but I'd like a king bed only for me!!!!

Favorite cars? A red Ferrari

Style? Unique. I like very much to dress robe in ancient style.

Are you dating someone? No. I think I'll dead single. XD

Are you a virgin? Yep.

Are you currently sexually active? O_O

Last person to say they loved you? My mom.

Gay, straight or bi? Straight

Ever kissed the same gender? Nope

Ever had an STD? No

How long have you been dating your SO? I'm single.

Are you satisfied? I don't think

Are you embarrassed by these last questions? No!