Lady Turner (lady_turner) wrote,
Lady Turner

Little update

Hello, fellows! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
I know, my last activity here and in the icon communities was maybe in May or June, but I'm still here! I had several problems that took me apart from making icons: a very very hot summer followed by the inevitable collapsing of my computer, health issues in my family, new hobbies and commitments and so on. Now I finally have a new computer, new photoshop, new everything, and even if I still have to get used to all this stuff, I'm sure I'll return creating new graphics soon! In the meantime I'm gonna post here all the icons I haven't published in this blog: I've made them mostly for communities like movieslims, celeb_it, actress_ic, itsabattlefield and tv_movie_icons, so maybe you've seen some of them around. Hope you like them!
I'm also sorry I've disappeared from your comments, but I promise I'll begin to be around again with the new year!
This will be my last post of this decade and so I'd like to wish you all the best for the new year that is coming: may it bring all that you desire and need! Happy 2020!

8 - the girl with the dragon tattoo week396 - hidden figures 56 - e - eva green

Beauty and the Beast x3 - Captain Marvel
01.7 - beauty and the beast - still 02.7 - beauty and the beast - long anim03.7 - beauty and the beast04.small battle - negative space - captain marvel
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - The Greatest Showman - Hidden Figures - In the Heart of the Sea
05.8 - the girl with the dragon tattoo06.9 - the greatest showman07.week396 - hidden figures08.11 - in the heart of the sea
Lilo & Stitch - Moulin Rouge! - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Sucker Punch
09.5 - lilo & stitch10.3 - moulin rouge11.potc5 (3039)12.11 - sucker punch
Tangled - What Lies Beneath x2
13.10 - tangled14.week396 - what lies beneath - colored15.week396 - what lies beneath - b&w

Vanity Fair - Vikings
16.small battle - simplistic - vanity fair17.small battle - close crop - vikings

Anne Hathaway - Arizona Muse - Eleanor Tomlinson - Elle Fanning
18.glasses - anne hathaway19.small battle - green - arizona muse20.56 - e - eleanor tomlinson21.56 - e - elle fanning
Ellise Chappell - Emily Blunt - Eva Green - Imogen Poots
22.56 - e - ellise chappell23.56 - e - emily blunt24.56 - e - eva green25.glasses - imogen poots
Joanna Stachniak - Priyanka Chopra
26.small battle - hairporn - joanna stachniak27.week396 - priyanka chopra

Animation in 2 is heavier than 40KB.
Tags: anne hathaway, arizona muse, beauty and the beast, captain marvel, dead men tell no tales, eleanor tomlinson, elle fanning, ellise chappell, emily blunt, eva green, hidden figures, imogen poots, in the heart of the sea, joanna stachniak, lilo and stitch, moulin rouge, pirates of the caribbean, priyanka chopra, sucker punch, tangled, the girl with the dragon tattoo, the greatest showman, vanity fair, vikings, what lies beneath
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