January 29th, 2011


Every20in20 - Round 06: Pirates of the Caribbean Cast

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Saturday, finally!!!!!!! Other two texts at school and I'll finish for this Fourmester!!!!!!!!!! Today I had tow accomplishing oral texts and I'm very happy for this!!!!! But, anyaway! What's about you? Is it all okay? I hope so!!!!! :D
In this entry I would thank florencia7  for her beautiful v-gift!!!!! That puppy is so sweet!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!!
Well, well, well... Today I will update my scrapbook, the award's entry and I think I'll post some news about On Stranger Tides and Orlando Bloom! So, stay tuned!!!!!!!
As always, icons are on the way!!!!!
This batch is for every20in20  and it's based on POTC cast! :D
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