February 2nd, 2011

Jack Sparrow

4 Videos + 2 questions!

Here there are the videos that I've promised yesterday!!!!!

Orlando Bloom for Hugo Boss Orange

On Stranger Tides Featurette

On Stranger Tides Movie Surfers 1

On Stranger Tides Movie Surfers 2

On Stranger Tides Movie Surfers 3

I have two questions for you!!!!!
Do you know any good sites for POTC stuff? I always see news on "Keep to the Code forum" but I'd like to find a good site with photos and other things. I don't know why, but all the sites about POTC have been closed!
Do you know a good program for screencaps? I have to keep screencaps from an entire movie and real player don't help me! I'd like a program with the function of "AutoCap" or something like these!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance!