February 8th, 2011


Model20in20 - Round 014: Milla Jovovich

Today I am not amused.
Can I say that I hate all the largest part of my schoolmates? They are so ignorants! First of all they lowered all our behavior's marks because of their insane stupidity. They don't understand that they're 18 and they still have kid's attitudes in front of the teachers. They don't allow some teachers to explain and they are donkeys. Yes. Totally donkeys. They find pleasure in kidding hardly about interests of other people. Infact they always make fun of me because of my ardent passion for Pirates and other stuff. For example, today, while we were reading the theatre's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (yes, I will see an English theatre version of this novel on Thursday) they don't understand that "Fitzwilliam" was a name and when the teacher explain this thing, they weren't stopping they tongues for the entire day and they started teasing a fictional character! OMG! I hate them. Now I stop chatting about this, I may annoy you.

Anyway, this post is a graphic enter.
So enjoy my Milla Jovovich's icons for model20in20!
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