April 20th, 2011

Jack Sparrow

PotC Meme - Day Three

1 - Who is your favorite character?
2 - What is your favorite Jack Sparrow line?
3 - What’s your favorite movie, and why?
At World's End

The first is the most original story with pirates and I'm more attached to the second, because it was the first movie of this saga that I saw! Many thanks to wiyllow !
 But for me the third is the most beautiful movie in the cinema's history: the plot, the characters, the visual effects, the music and the feelings. This film is so emotional: between scenes of humor, you can find touching and all-consuming stories, like Will's end, the romance of Willabeth and the deleted scene of Governor Weatherby Swann. Moreover all the characters fully develop and they close perfectly their lives. What can I say more? Oh, yes! The after credit scene is totally sweet and full of hope for the Turners.
Now you can say: Jack? You forgot him!
Well, Jack is perfect in every movie, so I think the most important things are the other characters in this movie! :D

4 - How do you feel about the idea of the 4th movie?
5 - Who is your least favorite character?
6 - Favorite villain? :
7 - Favorite Music/Song?
8 - How do you think Will is doing as the captain of the Flying Dutchman?
9 - If you could change one thing about any of the movies, what would it be?
10 - What’s your favorite scene from The Curse Of The Black Pearl?
11 - What’s your favorite scene from Dead Mans Chest?
12 - What’s your favorite scene from At World’s End?
13 - Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?
14 - Scene/Moment that makes you cry
15 - If you could re-cast the characters, who would they be?
16 - - Scene/Moment that makes you giggle
17 - Which historical moment or circumstance should they explore?
18 - Favorite Will scene
19 - Favorite Elizabeth scene
20 - Favorite Jack scene
21 - Favorite Norrington scene
22 - Favorite Barbossa scene
23 - Favorite Relationship
24 - Favorite actual ship
25 - Prettiest Scene
26 - Something silly
27 - Something epic
28 - Favorite costume
29 - How do you feel about the female characterization in the films?
30 - Why do you enjoy Pirates of The Caribbean?
31 - Favorite accessory
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