May 22nd, 2011

Jack Sparrow

Lady Turner is BACK!

Ahoy, mates!
I'm sorry if I wasn't online in these days, but the 18th may my pc monitor broke out. So I wasn't able to graphic, to post here and share my days with you.
In these day I'll complete the POTC meme, I'll write a On Stranger Tides movie review - OMG! what a movie!!! - and I'll graphic lika a mad for the 20in20s in wich I'm still in challenge. I'm so sorry for my absence, because those days were so epic with On Stranger Tides!!!!! I can't wait to share my emotions with you!
Now I'm going to bed, tomorrow I have school!!!!!! See you soon, my dear pirates!!!
GO AND SEE OST IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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