May 31st, 2011


Birthday + Stills

Happy birthday to cae_near ! We knew each other here, on livejournal, and we are great friends! This place is so magic! I've met fantastic people and I'm so happ of this!!!! So, my dear, I hope this could be a great day for you! And for my triangle girl, I did an icon of our triangle man! Hope you like it:

For all of you, there are lots of new stills from On Stranger Tides! Watch and snag this while I''m writing the famous review!Collapse )


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - A review


I know, I’ve promised to you a review for On Stranger Tides. I’ve watched it two times but… but… I can’t find the words for describing it. I’ve written lots of things, but I’ve canceled them. I think this isn’t normal. So sorry if this isn’t a real review, but only random nonsense words.

Just go and see this movie!!! It’s awesome!!!! All it’s perfect: the new characters, the plot, the effects, the music and, obviously, Jack Sparrow is…is…awwwww!!!! He’s so Jackie!!!!!!!!!! *__________*
I think the only bad thing of the movie is the change of direction. Rob Marashall did a wonderful job, but some parts of the film were a little cold… but anyway! This a little crack in a overload of beauties.
Angelica is my favourite entry of the movie. She’s a real female pirate, she’s a liar, a femme fatal, a great swashbuckler, a genial woman, she’s perfect, she’s like our dear captain!!!! They’re so similar, that the new couple “Jackelica”, why not Sparrangie? In this way is more musical…, is the precious stone of the entire movie.
Blackbeard is the villain that everyone needs. He’s evil even in the last scenes and finally POTC have his bad man. But… he hadn’t so much relevance and this was a sad lack.
Philip is not like Will (thanks God!) and Syrena is an awesome character! By the way, I love these two! – Any thoughts about their final scene? XD
And Barbossa! Oh, Barbossa!!!!! I’ve loved him in this movie!!!!!! I think he was the revelation of the film and… you know, I’m a Hector’s fan, so it’s unnecessary spend other glorious words for him!
Mermaids are great! I've loved that pasr of the movie!
The Queen Anne’s Revenge is a fantastic ship and I want it in my bedroom! XD
The Spaniards are all hateful XD and the QAR crew is good, especially Scrum! He’s fun!
What say about Jack? In this movie he’s omnipresent! This is a great idea for our eyes! He’s genial, as always, and genial, and genial and genial! XD You know, Jack is impossible to describe. And for this the movie is impossible to be reviewed.

I have to confess that I haven’t heard the lack of the past characters during the movie and this is good! I think that in the 5th they could use any old characters that they want, because this movie had a final. Oh, and you have to wait the scene after the credits! It’s pretty awesome! :D

The music is very interesting, I’ve bought the soundtrack this Saturday and I’m obsessed with every track. There are lots of reprises from the past musics, but the new themes are so beautiful, especially the mermaids one! The only sad things are the 7 remixes … 7 remixes upon 18 tracks! How awful is that!!!!

Anyway, see this movie, in 3D or not, it is a wonderful film!!!!!! If you’ve loved the first, you should like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and I’m sorry for this strange thing that I’ve written! But when I think about this movie, feelings prevail on rationality!