June 13th, 2011


Celebs20in20 - Round#13: Naomie Harris

Happy belated birthday to vampiremasque  and kencana_kencana !!!!! They're two lovely friends and I'm very sad that I didn't arrive on time for wishing them all the beautiful things of the world! <3 Here you are two icons for you:

Dear friends, I'm finally, officially, definitely on HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't realize that I've finally reached the Summer break!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! So for celebrating, last Saturday, me, sofia_gray  and other 3 friends went to a shop center for an enitre day!!!!! And yes, me and my best friend watched again POTC4!!!!!!!! I've saw it for the third time - in 3D, again - and.... more I see this movie, more I love it!!!!!!! *______*
Anyway, you have to sing up on TUMBLR!!! I've lots of lj friends in there and I want them all in it!!!! Please, if you haven't yet an account, sign up!!! *_____*

Ok, now I've chatted a lot, so..... icons time!!!!! :)
20 Naomie Harris icons for celebs20in20 ! ^^
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