June 17th, 2011


Free20in20 - Round#26

News about me!
Yesterday I went to the theatre for seeing "I ragazzi di Regalpetra", a touching rapresentation about Sicily and mafia. Initially I didn't want to go on, because only one school mate went with me, but I spent a beautiful night with girls of other classes that were awesome! So I've realized that only my mates are boring. This is good. But..... In the same night and in the same theatre I've met my crush. Oh, yeah. I haven't seen him for an year and now he popped out in this way. And, as always, I haven't had the courage of talking with him but I've watched him a lot! XD. Nah... I think I think too much! XD Anyway.... this is an icon post so..... here you are! :D

20 stock icons for free20in20 !
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