June 24th, 2011


Guys20in20 - Round#20

20 various actors icons for guys20in20 
x3 Orlando Bloom
x2 Paul Bettany
x2 Viggo Mortensen
x1 Elijah Wood
x3 Johnny Depp
x1 Daniel Craig
x1 Sean Bean
x1 Gerard Butler
x1 Matthew MacFadyen
x1 Alex O'Loughlin
x1 Alexander Skarsgard
x1 David Conrad
x1 Matthew Gray Gubler
x1 Nathan Fillion
Collapse )

Are you a Renaissance Woman?

Stolen from ever_maedhros ! 

You Are Totally Renaissance

You are an enthusiastic and easily excitable person. If there's one thing you've got, it's passion!

There's so much in this world that interests you. You like to dabble in a little of everything.

At times you have trouble deciding what to do in your life. Everything sounds good to you.

You are so full of joy and enthusiasm for everything! You always notice the positive.

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