July 4th, 2011


Free Magic Pics


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Each 2 weeks a new theme. First week, there will be a themed challenge for which participants may enter up to FOUR icons. On Monday of the first week the theme is appointed. In Sunday the set of participants is closed and appears voting. Winners appear in Sunday of the second week.

In this round there is a special challenge in honour of the last Harry Potter movie!
So, join!!!


What Type Of Book Are You?


You Are a Romance Book

You tend to get in trouble with love, but it's always been a fun ride. Love has been your greatest adventure.

Your heart is carefree, wild, and irresponsible. You let your heart lead you, even when it leads you astray.

You only know how to live authentically. You're not the type of person who can fake it.

You are very emotionally in tune. You believe feelings matter, and you pay attention to them.

Taken from xobritbabeox 

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