July 12th, 2011

Jack Sparrow

Itunes Meme - Day Two

2.Put your iTunes on shuffle. Make a sentence out of the first 3 songs to play.

She can't wait for that day. Data, Data, Data. She can't wait for the Gothic Power that will come, Just For Get High and for her revenge.

Gothic Power by X-Ray Dog
Just To Get High by Nickelback
Data, Data, Data by Hans Zimmer

3.What is your most played song and why?
4.Pick a song from your iTunes that describes your past 12 months of life.
5.Which song/artist would people be surprised you like.
6.Which artists has the most songs in your iTunes?
7.Handwrite the first verse of the 5th most played song on your iTunes.
8.Put your iTunes on shuffle. Find a YouTube video of someone covering the first song to play.
9.What is your interpretation of the last song you added to your iTunes?
10.Draw a picture in paint of your feelings when you listen to the 20th song, when on shuffle.
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