August 13th, 2011

Keira Knightley


keira_rumble keira_rumble keira_rumble 

Keira Rumble is dedicated to the gorgeous Keira Knightley. Rumble contests are similar to LIMS, except that no one gets eliminated. Instead, the winner is determined based on their overall score at the end of the session.

- 5 points are given for first place
- 4 points are given for second place
- 3 points are given for third place
- 2 points are given for the special categories
- 1 point is given each time you enter a round

- In order to participate, you must sign up.
- Icons must be new for this contest and remain anonymous until the results are posted.
- Icons must be in the LJ standard.
- No animation. Ever.
- You may skip as many rounds as you want, but keep in mind that means you won't receive any points.
- There will be ten rounds each session.
- Pay attention to special rules (if any) in the round.
- Please join and friend the community so you don't miss anything.
- Please vote in each round. This isn't mandatory, but very helpful.

Sign up for the session 6 here! For this session each round instead of required pictures you will be given a technical theme that you must follow.