September 6th, 2011

Will Turner

H_and_H20in20 - Round 02: Will Turner

Hello boys and girls, or... whatever! (Copyrght to Jack Sparrow....Ehm, Captain, Capt'n Jack Sparrow!)
Okay, so...! Sorry if in these days I wasn't so talkable, but I was a little busy! I'm doing driving lessons and I'm arrived at a good point! Hope I'll do my exam soon! On 15th September I'll return to school.... Oh, bugger! I can't believe this is my last year before the university! I can't wait for it! I'm so happy of leaving this Liceo that I'll do the exams even tomorrow! XD
Anyway.... Some days ago I've seen three beautiful movies: Sympathy for Delicious, Up and Don Juan De Marco! I've enjoyed all of them, especially Up! It's so touching! Even the first one is a bit touching and I've enjoyed Orli as a bad rocker guy! Awesome! The last one, the Johnny's one, was very particular and beautiful, as the actor! XD Now I can't wait for the upcoming movies! I'm interested in these ones: A Dangerous Method, The Three Musketeers, Sherlock Holmes 2, The Rum Diary and... oh, I don't remember the other titles! XD
Okay, now I stop this monologue and I leave you with 20 Will icons, even if they're a bit dark.
P.S. A presto con un nuovo capitolo della mia fanfiction!

20 Will Turner icons for [info]h_and_h20in20

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