September 30th, 2011


Femme20in20 - Round 9 : Penelope Cruz

Hello, f-list!
How is going? I hope it's all fine! :)
This week I was very busy with school, personal projects and going out for shopping! I have to say that was a very close week, but it was satisfing too! Today I did my exam for my driving license and I have rocked it!!!!! Now I can drive a car! I'm so happy of this!!!!! :D Anyway, there was still a delusion: I can't see "A dangerous method" for this week, it seems that cinemas in my zone haven't it in their programs. I'm so angry for this! The only movies that sold out in this zone are stupid italian films! I can't think about it! Now I have to think that they won't have in program even Jane Eyre. My only hopes are in the Three Musketeers! This movie is sure, I know.! :D
Anyway, I stop with my nonsenses and I leave you some icons! See you soon! :)

20 Penelope Cruz icons for femme20in20

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68 multifandom icons

Here you are some assorted icons I've made for random challenges, especially for you_choose_ic, free_magic_pics, keira_lims

01-06 Victoria Frances
07-17 Keira Knightley
18-24 Stock
25-31 Emma Watson
32-36 Ivory Flame
37-41 Dianna Agron
42-44 Camelot
45-47 Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides
48-52 Phantom of the Opera
53-56 Edward Scissorhands
57-58 Rango
59-60 Orlando Bloom
60-68 Various (Salma Hayek, The Man Who Cried, Taylor Swift, Mulan, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Hudson)

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