October 12th, 2011


Celebs20in20: Round #17 - Emmy Rossum

Ahoy, dear! How's it going? Hope you're fine! :)
If you wonder if I'm fine, the answer is no. I've been sick since Monday and only today things are going better. At least I haven't the temperature even if I have a strong flu. I hope tomorrow I'll feel good, because I must go to school. I have a Maths test. Sigh, I hope I'll be lucid for this text... and I'm praying this sickness will go away before Friday: that night I must see The Three Musketeers in 3D at the cinema! Can't wait to see Orlando and Matthew in the same movie! *___*
So, this is the answer because I haven't commented all of your entries, I hope you don't matter! ^___^
Anyway, yesterday I sent my parents to Catania, the big city near I live, and they signed up me in an acting school! The course will begin around the 10th November, I can't wait for it too! :D

P.S. Last Saturday night I went to Cinema and I saw Jane Eyre. God, you have to see this movie. *_____*
P.P.S. In my entry page, the button for putting text in center disappeared. Have you noticed this? O_O

Today I made icons for a challenge, even if I had a strong headache. So, don't mind if they're horrible! :)
20 Emmy Rossum icons for celebs20in20

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