December 23rd, 2011


...Santa Claus is coming to Town

Hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm finally here for writing something about what happend to me in this last month! For doing this I'm adopting a list method snagged by flyingharmony (hugs, baby!)! :D

1. I'm so sorry with xobritbabeox, sofia_gray, lady_elizabeth2 and kiarina88 about their bdays! I was so busy with school and other things and I hadn't no time for posting these little gifts! I beg your pardon! These are for you:

2. Thanks a lot to mayfrayn for her wonderful vgift! Thanks a lot to sofia_gray for her fantastic xmas gift! I love that Muse cd! *___*

3. Do you remember that I've talked to you about an acting course? Well, it's going very well!!!! I'm so proud of my results!

4. School things are going quite well. I've go good marks, apart in Italian, because I have an icompetent teacher. Instead the relations with my schoolmates are collapsing. I hate them and they hate me. In our class there is a cold war and when we discuss about serious problems, this situation pop-out and we argue so hard! I can't wait for july, when everyting will have an end. Anyway, now I'm on holiday and I don't wont to think of them.
The choices for university are reduced to two: foreign languages or graphic desginer. I'm more inclined on the first choice, but I have enough time for thinking more deeply about this important choice! :)

5. I've seen new beautiful movies and I want to share my opinions about them!
Inception: OMG! This movie is so genial! I've loved it for everything: the actors, the subject, the visual effects, the music! All is perfect!
Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows: I saw this movie to the cinema yesterday night! It's a beautiful film with a very well done tangled plot. Just wow!
The Truman Show: I'll not spend words for this movie. You have only to see it.
Cold Mountain: Initially I wasn't very excited about this film, but when I saw it I fell in love with it. Nicole Kidman is an extraordinary actress.
The Pillars of the Earth: I know, it's not a movie but a mini-series. You have to see it, it's a wonderful production and a well done medieval movie. I'm sure, you'll love it! :)

6. Ehm... I foget what I have to say... so I'll leave you now. If you have some questions or curiosity, ask me here! :)
I say hello to you with this trailer and... OMG! I can't wait till december 2012!!!!! *___*