March 20th, 2012

Will Turner

Mi tagliarono i piedi e imparai a volare...

Hey, I'm here for a journal update... This time no graphics, only some words about my nonsense life.
At school things are going on, I'm keeping calm for not arguing with my schoolmates and sometimes I mentally kill them, but this is another story... XD Anyway, there are less then 2 effective months of lessons and then... exams!!!!!!! So in these days, I thought about my 10 minutes speech at the start of the exam, and I found a nice subject to talk about: I don't tell you what is it, because there could be some spy eyes in this blog (yes, my mates can visit it and I would keep my projects a little secret, because someone can steel my idea), but I tell you that concerns with Disney world! When all this shit will finish, I'll tell you everything! Just wait unitl the first of July! :)
In these month I watched some interesting movies as Modigliani, Les Miserables, Water for Elephants and the Adjustment Boureau: they're all amazing, and I suggest to read the plot and finally to see them! And I also re-watch Chocolat: I have to confess that I never saw it for entire and that I like it so much, even if the book is better and more magical! Anyway, you can keep an eye on my scrapbook for new things that I do.
Another great news, and a little sad, is that I finished to read all the books by Jane Austen: the last I read was Sense and Sensibility and it was very beautiful, but my least favourite of her. Anyway, I know I'll miss all her works, and so I'll re-read them a lot! So, this Sunday I begin another book, the Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett: it's amazing! I've read the first hundred pages and it is so wonderfully medieval (yes, in this period I'm a little obsessed with Medieval times), and it's very similar to the mini-series (that I loved)! I hope it'll be good until the end!

Just for not talk about me I leave you a homework (muahahaha!):
I'd like to do some icons, but I don't know what iconing... So could you help me by suggesting some subjects? Please? This would be very appreciated! The lovely laerkstrein suggest me to work on Dark Shadows and Frankeweenie and I'll make these icons as soon as possible! Do you have other ideas? Please tell me about! :)

Now I leave you with some italian lines of a drama I recently watch, La Madre dei Ragazzi by Lucia Sardo. Under the original quote, there is a general translations of the lines, obviously it isn't really poetic, because I'm not so good in English as a poet! :)
See you soon, darlings!

Mi tagliarono gli occhi e io vidi altro
Mi tagliarono la lingua e ne spuntarono cento
Mi tagliarono la gola e non dissi più menzogne
Mi tagliarono il cuore e m'innamorai di tutti
Mi tagliarono le mani e carezzai con il cuore
Mi tagliarono la pancia e partorii mille figli
Mi tagliarono la vescica e non provai più colpa
Mi tagliarono i piedi e imparai a volare
Mi tagliarono i rami secchi e ora sono tutta un germoglio
They cut my eyes and I saw other things
They cut my tongue and came out a hundred of them
They cut my throat e I didn'y tell lies anymore
They cut my heart and I fell in love with everyone
They cut my hands and I caressed with heart
They cut my stomach and I gave birth to a thousand of children
They cut my bladder and I didn't feel guilty anymore
They cut my feet and I learned to fly
They cut my dried branches and now I'm all a green shoot

P.S. Pray for my Latin text! Hope that tomorrow I'll rock it! :)
P.P.S. Sign-up at pirates20in20 here! We're only four! :)
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