July 26th, 2012

Will Turner

I travel the World and the Seven Seas...

Hola, my lovelies!
I think it's time for an update, I don't know why, but this summer holidays are fuller than school days. And I'm happy for it.
First of all, on 11th August I'll go on holiday. And when I say "holiady" I mean a real HOLIDAY! I'm leaving for a four days cruise on the Baltic Sea and I'm going to visit Stocholm, Helsinki and Tallin; then I'm going to spend other 4 days at Saint Petersbourg, in Russia! And the amazing thing is that I'll be without my parents and only with my dear cousin wiyllow! I can't wait for this trip anymore! And it's for this reason that I'm so busy! I have to buy lots of stuff for this trip and the only things I've bought till today are a bikini, a suitcase and some t-shirts! Oh, and I hope I'll have my passport on time! Pray for me! (:

Another news, less amazing but more important, is that I signed-up for the university test! I finally choose to study foreign languages and so I hope that I'll pass it! I'm having the tests on the 3rd Sptember and they'll consist of 80 random culture, grammar and english questions with multiple answers. And so I decided to buy a book of tests and there are very stupid and difficoult questions. For example they ask you to indicate the synonymous of a strange and old word that neither Dante Alighieri knew. Hopefully the English grammar questions are very simple and, for doing them very well, some days ago I reviewed ALL the English grammar. This work was very useful and I recognized that in the past I used in a wrong way the present perfect. I hope that I've never committed huge grammar errors and I'd like to improve my skills. So if you have some suggestions or correction for my English, please, don't esitate to tell me anything!

Now I think that I've annoyed you with all this speech, so I leave you! But stay tuned! A new batch of icons is coming!
Hugs!!!!! :)
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