October 27th, 2012


My "AMAZING" life

Hello my dear rum runners! Hope everything is okay in your lives! Mine is getting fine, even if I'm a little stressed, what a news! LOL
University is so stressing! I mean, there isn't all that of studying, for me there is another problem. So, my university is not in my city and I have to use the bus for goint to it. I have four lessons in a week that are really early and so I have to get up at 5.30 am. ._.
And this is one problem! But there is another bad thing, we have too many lessons and so I have to pass all my days to Catania, the city where the uni is. Well, this is a little tiring because I decided to not move in that city and to use the bus. But anyway, university is always more interesting and easy than high schools.
There aren't other great news from my life. I always have that feeling of frustration when I think of my future but, yes, I survive!

Oh, I'd like to suggest you the new Muse album, the 2nd law! I adore it so much! :3
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