November 19th, 2012


Celebs20in20 : Round 30 - Bryce Dallas Howard

...Hi! I'm still here!
University life goes and it takes away most of my time. I'm not studying a lot but, as you know, I'm always out for following the lessons. Today I had my first little exam. It was an English test about the transcription - you know, those little strange symbols linked with sounds. I think I did it okay but never say never! Anyway, I hope it went well. Last wednesday I had my first Russian oral text and it goes very well, infact my mark was хорошо plus! Spanish instead isn't going at all (XD) because we have a teacher that not explains well the grammar. So I'm studying it by me... :/ 
Oh, I'd like to thank a lot florencia7, mayfrayn and ginevra17 for their cute gifts! (:

It's time for a new set of icons! Maybe later or tomorror I'll post other graphics. For the moment, enjoy these! (:

20 Bryce Dallas Howard icons for celebs20in20

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