January 4th, 2013


El año de la mala suerte?

Happy new year, guys! I hope that my Spanish teacher is wrong about el año de la mala suerte! LOL
First of all I want to thank you for this wonderful year spent together and I'm really sorry for my long absences during the last year. I hope this new period will be more peaceful and lucky for me and for you! I also hope you spent a nice holiday time! And many thanks to ginevra17 and aye_seaturtle for their sweet v-gifts!
The last year was almost a nightmare for me: the only good things were movies, books and the Russian holiday. Real life was so depressing and things are even worst now. Today I hadn't a nice time and I'll explain you why.
In these days I've thought about my university career and I decided to do a little modify to my study plan: to change Russian with Latin. But here in Italy things are not so easy and I think I'll study forever that bloody tricky language. I hope I can have a chance to do this little exchange and maybe (school) things will be more easy for me.
Anyway, it's better not annoy you with my pathetic real life! In these days I'll post something like a chart of my favourite books and movies of 2012! So, stay tuned! Now I'm going to read all my friends page here on livejournal and I'll comment almost your entries. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't comment ALL your entries, but you have to understand that they are too much for me!

Have a good weekend, darlings! ^_^

P.S. Here you can find the new scrapbook!
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