March 8th, 2013


New-old icons

Hello guys! How's it going?
Remember my last depressing post? Well, I decided to do something of my life. One day, while I was staring at my figure in the mirror, I said "What's going on?". So, I decided to take everything in a way more pessimistic and to give up with stressing things. I know, it's a stupid thing to tell, but for me it was a witty solution! So, now I'm fine, at least until my mood swings will allow it.
Going on the fandom side. In the last month I finished reading Anna Karenina and I watched the 2012 film. Oh, God! I'm so in love with both things! and i find extremely unacceptable that keira didn't receive any nominations at the awards and so the movie itself. The Help is another good film I saw: it's a very deep and touching movie and the cast is so good!
I have nothing else to say, so I leave you with a random batch of icons (mostly made for pirates20in20, penelopestills, elizabethstills, the_histories, you_choose_ic, the20rings and moviefilmstills).

122 multifandom graphics
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