July 5th, 2013


Now we are free

*she appears unexpectedly*
Hello world! Finally, I'm here!
As you can imagine, this week I finished my summer session exams: I'm so happy! Now I can relax for all summer long, even if I have to do other exams on September but it's different because I'm home! Exams went pretty well and I got 27/30 in modern history and Spanish and 28/30 in English! I would be pleased to have more in English, but anyway, I'm happy of my result! *happy dance*
Now I can stay here more time and I can return making graphics, so you have to stand me again! lol
I have nothing special to say, everything is soing well and my life keep going as usual. I hope you are all fine too!
Honestly I have a little thing to say! Yesterday I saw The Lone Ranger and... OMG! What a wonderful movie! Gore&friends are some rare kind of geniuses, because everything they do come out in a flawless way! So, I recommend you this movie with all my soul!
Now, I go! I don't want to bore you... so... see you soon, babes!
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I'm sorry to say this, but I am not able to look at all your entries because I've been away too long from livejournal. I hope you don't mind if I don't comment your latest updates.
If you have something important that I have to read, please link it here!
I'm very sorry, but I love you all!
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