October 25th, 2013


Just a little update

Hello, hello, my dear followers! ♥
I know you haven't heard news of me from a long time and so... here I am! As you can imagine, university started again and I'm in that bloody place almost every day. And you can also imagine how tired I am! Anyway, everything else is going well.
I'm so excited that November is coming! There are so much wonderful fandom things in this month: Thor 2, North and South (the BBC adaptation) will be aired in an Italian channel, Lady Gaga new album and other amazing events! And... The Hobbit everyday gets a little closer! So, yaaaay!!!!!
But the very important news is that today I discovered that Orlando and Miranda split up: I don't know why well I know why but I can't say it I'm happy. As you know, Miranda wasn't one of my favourite people and if the things weren't going well between them, I'm happy that everything is over. I'm sure that Mr. Bloom will find is true love that is me!
Now I stop my verbal diarrhea and... see you soon, my dear friends! ♥