December 3rd, 2013


Blessed sweet westerlies, I'm back!

Ehm...hello! *blushes*
It seems I haven't write here for ages. Shame on me. I won't say anything, this time I didn't write because I'm too lazy. And I won't say that I'm definetely back. I'm back now, but maybe I won't be back in a future time. *nonsense*
Anyway, I have miss you too much, my dears! *hugs* And so I'm here for you! In these days I'll watch your journals and I'll see what I missed in the past months!
Here anything is fine. I'm a little tired because of studying, but I've been worse! At the moment the thing that I can't really stand is this bloody cold. Even my dog, Mr. Darcy, hates this horrible cold. I hate winter and so I hope it'll pass away soon. This year the holidays won't be very festive for me, because of my grandpa, and so I'm sure I won't spend a merry Christimas. But I'll try to enjoy them, I promise!
What happened in these two months? In my life, nothing. In fandom life, everything:
1. Thor - The Dark World: just OMG! wonderful movie, with a wonderful Loki! I loved it so much!
2. ARTPOP: oh, this new Gaga's album is amazing! I love the new sound and some tracks like MANiCURE, Artpop, Gypsy, Applause, Aura and Swine are fantastic!
3. North&South: finally I'm watching this mini-series! I'm watching it doubbed in an Italian channel. I'm still on the 2nd episode, but I love it yet! And.. Richard Armitage! OMG! I'm developing an addiction to this handsome and charming man.
4. The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug: I can't believe that only 9 days separate me from this movie! I can't wait to see it! Yesterday there was the world premiere and the cast was fantastic! The only thing I don't approve is Benedict Cumberbatch. I can't stand this actor and I can't explain why Peter Jackson wanted him in this film. Why???? I don't think that this fandom was poor of people that love Tolkien and his adaptations, so for me it's a weird strategy. Now tumblr is full of people who ship Bilbo and Smaug. Really, this is annoying.
Returning to real life, I missed a lot making icons! I hope I'll return soon to make them! But I promise I'll post soon a set of old icons!
I think I have run out of words. So I leave you!
See you soon!