April 18th, 2014


Luck20in20 - Round 25 - Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Good evening, my firends! How are you?
Yesterday I went to the cinema and I saw Transcendence, the new movie with Johnny Depp. It's a stunning film with a touching message and Joh is flawless as always. Today I'm feeling like a girl who survived a natural disaster: I don't know if it's becuase I suffer from spring allergy or because I have a little cold. Anyway, I'm feeling sick inside and outside, lol. But, let's go to the real subject of this entry! I made a new set of icons and I decided to make them in a "minalistic" way: the celeb is not all that inspiring and so they turned up this way. Hope you like them!

20 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers icons for luck20in20
 photo 2-Famous.png  photo 13-Happy.png  photo 20-Ac.png
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