June 4th, 2014


Brunette_20in20 - Round 25: Zoë Saldaña

This my entry for brunette_20in20. It was a luck game and for me was a sort of Odyssey, haha! At first time I was given Jamie Dornan, who is a handsome man, but I wasn't inspired by his pictures and so I decided to change my celeb. So the moderator gave me Aaron Johnson, and I was like: OMG, no! When I saw Anna Karenina I liked him as an actor, but at MTV movie awards I found his behaviour towards Orlando Bloom very arrogant and haughty. So, because we had the chance to change the celeb again, I was given Zoe Saldana! I'm so happy I got her, because she's gorgeous and lovely (and one of my favourite actresses!). So, I'd like to thank myneonhearts, the lovely moderator of this community, for her patience!

19 Zoë Saldaña + 1 Emmy Rossum icons for brunette_20in20

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