December 18th, 2014


The Battle of the Five Armies: the end of an era

As you can imagine, yeserday I went to the cinema and I saw the third and final chapter of "The Hobbit". I was so nervous and anxious about it, and I was waiting for that day for a year.
Well, as I have said in some older entries, this film was actually the death of me. It was so emotional and I have cried for a half a movie: I think that the only film that made me cry all that much was Les Misérables, lol! But, anyway, let's start a more critic analysis.

If we have to speak about the technical features, this movie is a masterpiece: with Jackson's maniacal care about every single photograms, you can imagine the perfection of this film. But even if the movie is technically flawless, it isn't this the reason that makes the film special. The reason why everyone should love it is the emotional stuff and the development of the plot and the characters.

Richard Armitage made a great work with his character: he goes from an initial state of madness, to a gradual redemption; his facial expressions goes trough different shades, form infuriated, to sweet and cute smiles. Martin Freeman managed to make his charcater grow in strength and in courage: the Bilbo we see in this movie, is so different from the one we left in the Shire. All the other actors made great performances: Ian McKellen is immense as usually, Luke Evans is a wonderful Bard, Lee Pace is a fierce and almost non-emotional King of the Elves, Evangeline Lilly managed to make me love her character more and more, Orlando Bloom is an amazing Legolas as always and the Dwarves of Thorin's company are very easy to distinguish for their unqiue personalities.
The plot was enreached from stories taken from other Tolkien's books and the result was simply brilliant: I also loved how Peter Jackson managed to connect everyting to the LOTR trilogy.
But now, I have to talk about my emotional trip and so I have to warn you about possible SPOILERS.
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