June 3rd, 2015


Guesswho20in20: Round 19 - Sophie Turner

There is a long-short story behind this set of icons! For this round at guess who we had the oppurtunity of choosing between a male or a female celeb. The lovely mod (hi!) gave me Alexander Skarsgard and Sophie Turner. They were two interesting subjects. I basically love the first one - I love the entire Skarsgard's family - so I was going with him. But as you know, I'm always not all that complacent of working with male subjects. So I chose Sophie: I'm not a fan of her neither of Game of Thrones, but she's very beautiful and her hair colour is simply amazing. And, hey, she's a female and I'm more creative when I work with gals!

20 Sophie Turner icons for guesswho20in20

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