June 15th, 2015


*insert a witty title here*

Well, Stitch said it for me. I know, I didn't write here for too long and the time has come to let you know something about my RL. I have so many things to talk about that I don't know where to begin. Uhm, I'll split this entry in two categories and, as I think I'll talk of nonsenses and boring events, you're free of skipping this post if you wish.

- The "oh so real" real life
You know, life has its ups and downs, and so was mine so far. From January to nowadays lots of things happened, but too tiny to be spoken about.
Some months ago I lost my granny. It was a really unexpected event and my heart still cries for her. It's like if a part of me has been buried with her. I'll never forget her neither my granpa, they have a special place in my memories and in my soul. And then some days ago even Christopher Lee left this world: he reminded me of my grandparents and I cried for him too. It was strange, because I never felt a deep loss when someone famous died before: yes I was unhappy and sad for them, but this time was as if he was a close relative.
Well, okay, let's finish this speech of death and talk about life. Nothing special or positive has been rilevant to be said in this category. The book is still unifinished, I have lost confidence in the plot and now I have another story in mind. I don't know what to do, if I have to finish that one first or begin the other one. In the meantime I'm writing fanfictions and the latest has been posted to Racconti Perduti. It's a pity that I haven't an English translation and I hope I'll find soon someone who will help me with it.
I haven't found a job yet and I think this one will be the hardest point to achieve. It's impossible to find a decent one, because no one wants to accept a worker without experience. But I have to start somewhere, so how can I have an experience if they don't give me a job? *inceptjob*  Anyway, I need to find something, if it isn't a work, it should be a hobby. I need to meet new people in order to get out more. I can do it, I have to do it for my own happiness.
Well, I have nothing else to say here, so let's go to the most interesting part of this entry...

- When RL meets fandoms
Remember that petition for bringing in Italy a premiere of the Hobbit? Well, with the same girls we are organizing a convention that will take place in Milan on December of this year. I can't believe it! We have already announced four guests: Dean O'Gorman (Fili), Craig Parker (Haldir), Sylvester McCoy (Radagast) and Graham McTavish (Dwalin). We hope to bring someone else and... hey! I'll be close to these people for three days, could you believe it? If you are interested and you'd like to participate, HERE you can find our website, or just leave me a comment or send me a PM. I'll be able to give you all the informations.
Anyway, could you help me to improve my skills in spoken English? I'd like to be more fluent when this convention will take place and if you'd like to help me I can give you my skype account so that we can easily talk. Just PM me!
Two weeks ago I went to EtnaComis and guess who I met there? Rutger Hauer! He was so nice with the fans and we had a cute little talk when he signed my autograph. It'll be a special moment that I'll forever remember. Here there is a pic. Did you have instagram? I'd like to follow you there!
This week I think I'll go at least for a day to the Taormina Film Fest and maybe, on July, I'll go to Giffoni Film Festival too, if I'll get the access to two M&Gs. I'll let you know if something will happen!

It seems unreal that I have finished this post! I'm sure that I'm forgetting something but I won't bore you anymore.
I'll post soon a huge graphic post (thehehehe, what a news) and...
P.S. I'm so excited for POTC5! Seems we'll see a bit of Will Turner! ♥
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