January 21st, 2016


20muses - Challenge 01: Arwen Undómiel

Okay, so I've tried to upload these icons on Photobucket since yesterday, but the site has been under maintenance and today it is still "a little" slow. If there is one thing that can annoy me is when sites don't load fast. *rolling eyes*
Anyway, let's go to this new set! The inspirations at 20Muses were so interesting and stimulating that I've tried to give my best to turn out washed out screencaps in something more acceptable. I hope that you like them, since they're very experimental and a little out of my comfort zone. But I think it's always a good think to try new techniques and achieve new results, so I'm happy of how some of them turned out! Enjoy!

20 Arwen Undómiel (The Lord of the Rings) icons for 20muses

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