September 30th, 2016


68 multifandom icons

As I promised, here you are a large batch of icons! I've made most of them for challenges like the7days, lims_movie, movieslims, comics_ic, ouatchallenge and genre_lims, but there are some from incomplete sets that I didn't manage to post in time. I've made these ones in April/September, but some of them are even older (and very older!): you can identify them for their crappiness. In the past months I was very busy and stressed because of moving, so I hadn't lots of time to dedicate to the icon community. I hope I'll be able to enter more icons soon and to participate to some 20in20s.

68 multifandom icons
Prince Caspian 11 1 8 The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Period dramas 1-alt1

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