April 5th, 2017


Just a little update

Hi, friends! I'm still alive!
I know, I haven't posted anything since January and you must all be very worried for me (haha, maybe no), so I decided to write a little update.
I was going to write about my life in the past months, how I was hit by a sort of depressive state and how I rose from it in March, but I'll spare you all the details and just say to you that now I'm feeling much better, that I've posted even icons in some communities and that I'm actually working on two sets of 20in20s. Maybe you'll see icons soon on my blog again!
Btw, the real reason I'm writing here it's about all the fuss for the new terms and condiditions of this site. At first I was really concerned about them, but then I realized that almost all the other socials and blogs have terms like those, so I *really* don't understand if I have to be worried. Anyway, other users here are backing up to dreamwitdh and most of them will use their blog for talking about private life, since DW is like a ghost town and there aren't icon communities. So, why I should move there? When I talk of my private life, I never talk about politics or give very close informations like credit card numbers or whatever, so what the Russians can use against me? My pitiful life? Well, if the icons and fanfics are staying here (these are the only elements which I'm concerned), I won't back-up there. Anyway, I'd like to hear from you some suggestions and what you think of this, and maybe I can change idea! So, please, tell me, what are the main reasons you are backing up? Please, I'll be more than grateful to hear your thoughts on this mess.
Anyway, just for keeping in touch with you, I'll leave you all the links to my other socials, so that we can follow there if you have accounts in these platforms as well!

Hope that everything is going well for you! ♥
See you soon!
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