July 28th, 2017

Will Turner

theseasonwheel: Round 04 - Pirates of the Caribbean

Ahoy! I haven't posted icons for a while here, but don't worry! I haven't quit the community, I just participated to weekly challenges only and so I didn't posted the new graphics here yet: I'll do a multifandom post soon! Moreover I'm still cleaning all the mess that photobucket has done to my blog, so I'm re-uploading all the icons I've made and it's really a hard and tiring job: I'll warn you when I'll finish (the last post I've fixed is this one).
I've worked on this new set for nearly a month and even if they may seem simpler than the other works, there's a lot of job in them! This time I went with a claim because I thought that would be easier and I'm in a very potc mood (okay, let's be honest, is there a day I'm not in this mood?), instead it was even worse than going multifandom: working with vibrant colours and with potc screencaps/pictures is totally a suicide! By the way I managed to survive and even if some of them are a bit rough (the bonfire ones are the worst, I know! I've always hated making fire based themes, especially in a vibrant mode, but I wanted to challenge myself even if the results are not the best) I can say that I'm satisfied! Hope you'll like them!
Btw, I've organized the icons by movies and scenes, but since I've used some promos and posters, you can find that ones before the works of the actual movie (I know, I'm crazy, but I found the randomess of icons placement fascinating in this way).

20 (+2 alts) Pirates of the Caribbean icons for theseasonwheel

I went with the hard mode. If you want to take a look to the inspirations and prompts, click HERE.
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