October 30th, 2017


theseasonwheel: round 05 - autumnal equinox

Hi! I'm back with a new set of icons! They look a bit rough, I know, but I've made them in two days (I'm super busy in this period because I'm arranging something of which I'll talk to you maybe next week) and I didn't want to drop out the round: I hope anyway that you'll like some of them. I've still to recollect and post here all the icons I've made for various challenges since the start of the year and I've not finished to upload again all the old works that photobucket messed up, but I hope I'll manage to fix everything by the end of November.
Since this week I won't basically be at home, I wish you all to spend a spooky Halloween!

20 multifandom icons for theseasonwheel

I went with the hard mode. If you want to take a look to the inspirations and prompts, click HERE.
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