December 3rd, 2017

Will Turner

No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it

Hello, my dears! How is it going?
Remember what I said in the last post? That I was planning something? Well, it actually occured a month ago and now I'm here to tell you what actually happened! I'm sorry if I haven't written earlier or I haven't posted/made new icons in this month, but I kept (and still am, I really don't know if I'll ever realize all the beautiful things that happened to me) thinking flighty thoughts and it took so long to put it in words and make it real.
[read more]Basically, I went to Rome for the Rome Film Fest because they announced Orlando Bloom as a guest and I decided that was time to finally meet him! You know he's the love of my life, my top celebrity crush my favourite celebirity and actor, so I had to go. He came in Italy even other times, but I couldn't go then and I couldn't miss this opportunity! They told us that he would do a masterclass and he would present his new film, Romans, and do even a little red carpet. So I bought the tickets for the conference and the movie preview and thought that at least, I would be in the same room as him, listen and watch (even if by a far distance) his masterclass and see his new production. It seemed to me a good deal, so I booked the trip and everything that I needed and I left my lil' stupid city for a three days mini-vacation in our beautiful capital, with no great expectations.
Well, this time the wheel of fortune spun my way.
After visiting a little the city (oh my, the Pantheon!), watching some movies at the Festival (loved I, Tonya), meeting some celeb like Michael Shannon (I went in the same days as David Lynch and Vanessa Redgrave as well, but I couldn't see them because I hadn't the tickets or they were sold out. It was a pity, especially for Lynch), finally the Orlando Bloom day came and Saturday 4 November started.
In the late morning, around noon, took place the masterclass. I went to the place way earlier, around 9 am, and I was wise to do so, because there was a line for entering the conference room and I was lucky enough to be one of the first of the row. The waiting was long and stressing (and way too emotional) but there were very nice people around me and we all talked about celebs, about our love for Orlando and I even met another girl that came from Sicily as me only for meeting Orli. It was a very nice morning and when the security allowed us to enter the room, I was all nervous and excited at the same time. I seated in the second row, right behind Orlando's delegation which occupied all the first row. I was so near to the chair where he seated! The only negative thing was that I had in front of me a lady with very voluminous hair so I had to took all the pictures with my phone zoom and they turned out very LQ. By the way, whe waited a little and he finally entered the room and... I nearly cried! You know there are people that when they meet their crush, they scream, they laugh, they cry, they behave like teens and so on. Not me, because I fucking internalized everything and so I was basically paralyzed. Just because I can never be a normal person, I went all emotional just some days after (and even now, while I'm typing, and all the times I remind the experience). By the way, going back to that day, it was such an amazing masterclass! He was interviewed by a moderator who didn't know very well his works, just the major ones, so he made very boring questions, but Orlando was able to answer in very interesting ways, he told us very funny anecdotes about his experiences and gave to wannabe actors very inspirational advices. He was so fun and nice, and here I realized how he really was. First of all, I think that he is a very shy person. He really doesn't seem in the pictures, in the videos and in his performances, but I think he really is. He was embarassed when they show some clips (his first cameo in Wilde, the scene with the oliphant in The Return of the King and the marriage scene in At World's End), like if he understimated his work and his amazing skills in acting, and there I knew that he masks all of this by being outgoing, like the most of introverts do and even a bit like me. Moreover, I always imagined him with the "I'm a big shiny celebrity" attitude. Not bigheaded, but with a "diva" aura around him. Hope you get what I mean. Instead he was all the contrary! He's a very humble and down-to-earth person, he's physically slight and not so tall, he has this attitude that put you at ease, he's kind and very friendly: basically, he doesn't seem a celeb at all. He's a very normal guy, but special at the same time, a person with a big heart and I think it would be fantastic to work with him or just having him as part of your life. I think that everyone close to him feels so blessed in having Orlando around. And he looks even younger and more handsome in person! I couldn't believe that! Going again back at that moment, since I was very near to him, we made several eye contacts and I died inside all the times. I even managed to get a picture of one of them and everytime I watch that photo I just feel better. He also gave us a lot of his precious smiles and he made us laugh a lot. It was a very special event. When the masterclass finished, he stopped a little to sign some autographs, but the security stopped him soon because they were late with the schedule and so I wasn't able to reach him. But I was happy anyway, because I had the opportunity to know him better and to be in the same room as him, seperated only by a little space, was a beautiful gift.

So I left the place very happy and then I realized...
"Wait, I have the tickets for tonight's movie premiere! And he'll do a little red carpet, so, why not try?"
So after a fast lunch, I went to my apartment room just to change my clothes and to put a more comfortable pair of shoes and... I went to an adventure! Really. Because the cinema where the premiere took place was very distant from my starting point and not directly linked with transportations (I had to change a lot of them otherwise) and since I had to call a taxi for the journey back and I didn't want to spend all my money there, I preferred to walk, like Elizabeth Bennet would do. And oh my! It was very far and I just followed the route of google maps: I must have resembled like a pirate searching for the X. Anyway, more than a hour and a half later, I arrived at destination! It was very early, like 6:30 pm, and I had to wait behind the barriers for five hours, and luckily I met other lovely people and with some of them I'm still in contact. By the way, hours of cold later, Orlando finally arrived. Here I don't recall very well what actually happened because I was too emotional, aka petrified, again. Anyway, he stopped by me two times: the first one he signed me a picture of Will Turner that I brought from home (I chose that picture because it was in that moment that I felt in love with him the first time) and we made a selfie, that turned out very crappy; before taking the picture, I said to him if he could change side because I wasn't able to take selfies with my left hand and he went with "sure, no problem", and that was all. When he walked again in front of me, I touched his shoulder for making him stop again and he was so kind to take with me other two pictures, and one of them turned out more normally (it's the third one under here), the other two I'll never show to anyone, they're so ugly! I think I said to him "thank you for being an inspiration", he smiled back at me and here I died again. It was all very fast and rushed because he wanted to sign autographs and to take pictures with EVERYONE! He didn't disappoint anyone, because he even stopped two times with each one of us! We weren't a lot, so he was very relaxed and pleased of making us happy. See? He's a precious human being! ♥
Then, the ones with the ticket entered the cinema where he briefly introduced "Romans", his new movie, and he was even a bit sorry for us who were watching it, because it's very different from his blockbusters (but not less deep than his less known works) and he was afraid it was too dark and harsh for being fully understood. He watched the movie with us and it was really an experience! I suggest to watch you this movie if you can, because Orlando's performance is majestic. It talks about the life of a man who was abused by a priest when he was a child, of his traumas and so on. It's a very brutal movie, that show how a life can be ruined by such horrible things. When the film finished we were all in silence and we didn't know how to react to this rough and very dark film: but a thing we knew for sure. Orlando Bloom's performance was brilliant and deep, and so we turned to him and we applauded him. He was very emotional and grateful for this recongnition and after greeting us, he went away and I came back to my rented room, with a smile in my face and the consciousness that I would never forget that day and that, sometimes, wishes come true.

All the pictures were taken by me and are all clickables.