August 3rd, 2018

Carina Smyth

Monthlyinspo - Round 15: Celestial

Hello people!
Here I am, back again, with a new set of icons!
This round at monthlyinspo was so creative: I just loved the celestial prompts and I had to participate since lately I'm very into astronomical things (thank you, Carina Smyth). I'm not completely satisfied, because I made them in a very little time, as usual, since it was hard to stay in front of the computer with the high temperature we are experiencing here in Italy: le big sigh to this heat. Moreover in the last three days my eyes decided to literally burn flames because of the proximity with the screen of my pc and so I really don't know how half of them really look. Anyway, I hope they're at least decent and that you'll enjoy them!

20 various icons for monthlyinspo

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