February 27th, 2020

Lucy Pevensie

Monthlyinspo - Round 31: Box of chocolates

Hello! This is my first entry of the year!
First of all I have to say that I finally have a job! I've started it last week and it will last for a year! And the good news is that I'm working as a librarian in a public library and it's all I could ask for! I work all the day with books and this is awesome; even if the place and my chiefs aren't very nice, I'm sure this new experience will be good for me and for future jobs!
Anyway, these icons are for the new round at monthlyinspo! The inspiration post was just gorgeous and I HAD to participate! I know, they aren't very good and I still feel a bit rusty, but I have to practice to fully come back in shape! ;) Hope you like them!

10 (+2 alts) various icons for monthlyinspo

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