July 6th, 2020

Mad Hatter

My name isn't Alice...

Welcome July!
We have survived the first half of this horrible year and I really really hope the other half will be much better for everyone!
The only positive note is that with all the lockdowns around the world we had more time to dedicate to our hobbies, and this includes making more icons! I'm really happy that the community is alive again! It's a pity that I'm back to full work and that I can't enjoy it very well and I wish I could do more!
In this post I'm collecting all the icons that I made in this mid-year, from January to June; I've posted most of them in various communities as the7days, capicontest, capchallenge, celeb_it and movieslims, but there are a few alternates and rejected ones that are new to everyone! Hope you enjoy them!

49 various icons
Heaven 5 - Sleeping Beauty 7 - female characters 3 - t is for talented - taylor swift
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