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My name isn't Alice...

Welcome July!
We have survived the first half of this horrible year and I really really hope the other half will be much better for everyone!
The only positive note is that with all the lockdowns around the world we had more time to dedicate to our hobbies, and this includes making more icons! I'm really happy that the community is alive again! It's a pity that I'm back to full work and that I can't enjoy it very well and I wish I could do more!
In this post I'm collecting all the icons that I made in this mid-year, from January to June; I've posted most of them in various communities as the7days, capicontest, capchallenge, celeb_it and movieslims, but there are a few alternates and rejected ones that are new to everyone! Hope you enjoy them!

49 various icons
Heaven 5 - Sleeping Beauty 7 - female characters 3 - t is for talented - taylor swift
01.1 - jim gordon02.7 - female characters03.6 - season 204.2 - penguin
05.4 - villains06.4 - villains - still07.3 - bruce wayne08.5 - finale
Gentleman Jack, His Dark Materials, WandaVision
09.4 - original background - gj10.capchallenge 211 - his dark materials11.cranberry truffle - wandavision

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies x3, Alice in Wonderland
12.3 - original background - botfa - full13.3 - original background - botfa14.3 - original background - botfa - still15.1 - original background - aiw
Marie Antoinette x2, The Phantom of the Opera, War and Peace
16.capchallenge 212 - marie antoinette - 117.capchallenge 212 - marie antoinette - 218.Heaven 4 - Phantom of the Opera19.Heaven 1 - War and Peace
Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Madame Bovary, Wonder Woman
20.Heaven 5 - Sleeping Beauty21.5 - original background - sw22.2 - original background - mb23.ML - Wonder Woman 2
Wonder Woman
24.ML - Wonder Woman 11 - blocking25.ML - Wonder Woman 526.ML - Wonder Woman 727.ML - Wonder Woman 8
Wonder Woman
28.ML - Wonder Woman 11 - provided29.ML - Wonder Woman 11 - blocking alt30.ML - Wonder Woman 331.ML - Wonder Woman 3 - textless
Wonder Woman
32.ML - Wonder Woman 1033.ML - Wonder Woman 134.ML - Wonder Woman 1 - textless

Talulah Riley, Tiera Skovbye, Bianca Balti, Kirsten Dunst
35.2 - t is for talented - talulah riley36.1 - t is for talented - tiera skovbye37.Bianca Balti Italian38.Heaven 2 - Kirsten Dunst
Taylor Swift, Molly Quinn, Tanya Dziahileva, Audrey Hepburn
39.3 - t is for talented - taylor swift40.Molly Quinn 199341.5 - t is for talented - tanya dziahileva42.Audrey Hepburn 4th May
Amanda Seyfried, Fumi Kaneko, Hedy Lamarr x2
43.Heaven 3 - Amanda Seyfried44.Heaven 6 - Fumi Kaneko45.Heaven 7 - Ziegfeld Girl - still46.Heaven 7 - Ziegfeld Girl
Penélope Cruz, Teresa Palmer, Johnny Depp
47.Penelope Cruz Taurus48.4 - t is for talented - teresa palmer49.Johnny Depp INFP-T

12 is heavier than 40KB
Tags: alice in wonderland, amanda seyfried, audrey hepburn, bianca balti, fumi kaneko, gentleman jack, gotham, hedy lamarr, his dark materials, johnny depp, kirsten dunst, madame bovary, marie antoinette, molly quinn, penelope cruz, phantom of the opera, sleeping beauty, snow white and the seven dwarfs, talulah riley, tanya dziahileva, taylor swift, teresa palmer, the hobbit, tiera skovbye, war and peace, wonder woman
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